baby with avocado

Are you ready to be the father of a slightly unusual son …?

At Frulogy we give you the opportunity to adopt an avocado, mango or lemon tree from our farms. If you are a true lover of these products, now you will be able to be closer than ever to them!

What does it consist of?

It is very simple. Adopting a tree consists of being the owner of one of the trees we have on the farm and taking all the fruit it produces, ensuring of course a minimum number of kilos. We will send you the fruit as it reaches its optimum ripeness and you will have it for the whole season. Isn’t it great!

Discover everything you can do

Welcome to the revolution of the fruit world.

avocado hanging from a tree
Give it a name

Make it more yours by giving it a unique name.

Ask us for photos

Talk to us on facebook, instagram or twitter to ask us for photos of your tree.

Boast of having a tree

You can tell anyone that you have a tree, and not just any one, an ecological one!


Forget about having to buy fruit every time you run out, we will bring you the harvest of your tree as it is optimal.


Save money on buying fruit, by sponsoring a tree we will give you a discount on all products on the web.


Includes the adoption of an avocado tree.
5% discount on the web

€ 14 / month


Adopt 2 avocado trees, double the flavor.
10% discount on the web

€ 26 / month


Adopt 3 trees, forget not having avocado at home.
15% discount on the web

€ 38 / month

* These prices are for avocado, to know those of other fruits contact us below.

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Ready to adopt a tree?

Contact us and we will explain the plans and prices we have depending on the fruit you want.

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