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It all started more than 50 years ago, when a noble and hardworking man named Francisco Ortega decided to plant his first avocado, the first avocado in the entire Axarqu铆a. As this crop did not yet exist in the area, everyone told him that it was crazy, that the climate was not suitable, that he would lose money, but finally with a lot of effort and unshakeable faith he harvested his first crop, the symbolic value of which was incalculable.

This man is my grandfather and since then he has dedicated his life to bringing the tender taste of organic avocado to as many families as possible. Because there is no other avocado like the Mediterranean avocado, let’s take care of what is ours.

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For a better future

Our mission

On our website we offer you organic products fresh from the tree. Our mission is that everyone can enjoy the most exquisite avocado, mango and lemon, but always taking care of the environment.

Care yourself

“Eating is a necessity, but eating intelligently is an art”.

Health is one of the fundamental pillars of life, we need to take care of ourselves in order to enjoy energy, wellbeing and joy. For this reason we only offer you organic fruit, totally free of chemicals and 100% natural.

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Our fruit | Frulogy

On our website we offer you mainly three fruits: avocado, mango and lemon, all with their respective varieties. We started planting avocados more than 50 years ago on a small plot of land that my grandfather had. At that time it was very rare to see this crop, as the Spanish people did not know about it, so they did not buy it, and this meant that its cultivation was very limited. A few years later, we discovered a fruit that shines because of its juiciness, the mango, and we liked it so much that we decided to add it to our crops so that more people could try it. Finally, a year ago we started to plant lemons, a fruit that is more than well known, but there are hardly any organic lemons and this had to be changed. In the future we hope to continue to add more organic fruits, thus helping to increase organic production and improve the world. 馃馃キ馃崑

Where are we?

Our farms are located all along the Malaga Coast, a tropical paradise with the best growing conditions in Europe, amazing isn’t it? We are fortunate to be one of the sunniest places in the world, which helps the plants and trees to grow in abundance, giving only the best fruit. The temperatures are also optimal, neither too hot nor too cold, and the proximity to the sea allows the trees to receive nutrients from the breezes blowing off the coast. If we put all these factors together we get an avocado, mango and lemon that conquer palates. If you try them, you’ll try them again! 馃い


As you can see on the home page, one of our values is that you receive your order as quickly as possible, so the fruit you order will arrive in 24h, or 48h at the most for Spain and 72h for Europe. We ship Monday to Thursday because if we shipped something on Friday it would arrive on Monday, spending the whole weekend in a warehouse and losing quality. Finally, it is important for you to know that we accept orders from anywhere on the Spanish peninsula and from almost all Europe.

We kindly ask you to be at home at the time of delivery, otherwise your fruit will be stored and as it is a perishable product it could lose quality.


One of the main objectives of Frulogy is to make agriculture a 100% sustainable activity, this is achieved by using ecological techniques that consist of avoiding all types of chemical products such as fertilisers, fertilisers, modifiers… and using only natural products in order not to harm either the land or the consumer. Unsustainable agriculture is one of the most relevant causes of climate change and also leads people to eat fruits that contain a small portion of the residues of these chemicals, which damages our health without us realising it.

As a consumer we invite you to help us change the world, small actions make big changes and that’s why we ask you to choose to eat organic whenever possible, this way you help yourself and the planet. 馃實


One of the great advantages of buying on our website is that the products are all grown in a tropical area, in the coast of Malaga. We don’t take the fruit until we receive your order and thanks to this you can enjoy real fresh produce instead of products that come from America and have been picked from the tree weeks in advance to be put in cold storage and brought here having lost all their properties. At Frulogy we place great value on quality and that is why we attach great importance to offering you only fresh and organic products. There’s nothing like ours 馃コ


If you like our website and our products, please share us on social networks. Take a photo of your orders or the recipes you make with our fruit, we will be happy to see it and re-upload it. Thanks for helping us! 馃槏


Why us?

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Decades of experience. We select the best seeds, locations and fertilisers.



We care about your health and the environment.



We constantly update our processes to maximise quality and effectiveness.


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