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Taste the unique flavor of avocado, mango and lemon grown on the Malaga coast.


Welcome to Frulogy, on our website you can do a lot of things:

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We are a family of farmers who want to promote the quality of our home-grown avocado, mango and lemon.

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We will teach you about its benefits, origin, tips, tricks and much more to become an expert.

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We will show you the amazing dishes you can prepare with avocado, mango and many other fruits.


Mangoes are back!

  • Without intermediaries
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  • Grown only with natural products
  • Three generations of experience
  • Ecological, certified
  • Sublime quality
  • National, direct from the farmer
  • Healthy for you and the environment
  • We plant a tree for each order


Our values

Organic Fruit 🥑

All our products are grown using sustainable practices, without using any chemicals and without harming the environment. Certified by the CAAE.

From the field to home 🏡

At Frulogy you can buy fruit directly from our fields, without intermediaries. We take care of harvesting and delivering it to you when you place an order.

Fast delivery 📦

No more waiting to taste the best flavour of Malaga. We deliver any order within 72 hours throughout Europe. It doesn't get any fresher than this.

Experience 👨🏻‍🌾

We are a family with more than 3 generations of experience in avocado and mango growing. We select only the best seeds and products for you.

Warranty 💯

We are committed to offering you the highest quality on the market. We want you to enjoy every bite while taking care of your health. YOU are our priority.

Seasonal ✅

All the fruit you can buy at Frulogy is grown in Malaga. This means that the products we offer have NOT been processed or brought from other countries.

Organic Avocado

El oro verde

Organic Mango

La reina de las frutas

Organic Lemon

La fruta más intensa

What makes us different?

It is very important to note that all the fruit that we sell to you at Frulogy is ECOLOGICAL (also called Organic or Bio ), having its corresponding certificate of CAAE (leading organic production certification body), Global GAP Y GRASP that prove sustainability in all our avocado, lemon and mango growing processes. Like you, we firmly believe in our work to take care of the planet because it is the only one we have and we do not want to lose it. Thanks to the elimination of chemical products in the crop and to using natural fertilizers, we manage to contribute to the climatic cause by contributing our grain of sand. In addition, this is how we get all the fruit of Frulogy to be 100% natural without any chemicals to alter its size or flavor, making it much more beneficial for health than non-organic fruit. As organic farmers we hope that in the future all crops can be done in this way, but at the moment there are few of us who apply these sustainable practices. The main barrier that prevents all farmers from growing organic fruit is the increase in the cost of processes, since natural products, being less in demand, have a higher price than artificial products. This translates into having to raise the prices of the products and, therefore, that they have less demand. The power of change is in you, the consumers. By increasing the purchase of ecological products, you contribute to improving our planet, promoting sustainable and ecological practices. And not only the planet, you also benefit yourself, eating products that have not been grown with chemicals and that are much healthier. Ahhh and let’s not forget … much richer !! 😉

Would you like to lead a healthier life?

Our avocados, mangoes and lemons not only win over palates, but also help you to improve your health thanks to their many beneficial properties.

Family eating fruit
Famous phrases

The intelligent man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine.

HippocratesGreek physician, founder of medicine

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.

Jim RohnWriter, anthropologist and motivational speaker

We are what we eat, but what we eat can help us to be much more than we are.

Alice May BrockAuthor and former restorer

Discover wonderful recipes

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At Frulogy we teach you how to do delicious recipes with our products. Some fruits like avocado and mango can be eaten on their own, but they also go perfectly with numerous dishes and recipes. This combination of foods achieves a unique flavor and gives him a healthy touch to any meal. What is cool !!


The avocado , that famous green gold that is increasingly popular and acclaimed by the world’s greatest chefs. This fruit can be taken alone, having an intense flavor and great tenderness. In addition, it goes perfectly with dishes such as salad or salmon, and is perfect in the morning to spread on toast. If you try it, you repeat.


If there was a hall of fame among fruits, there would be the mango . This product is consumed all over the world and it is not surprising that it is called the queen of fruits since its flavor and aroma make a simple dish sublime. You’d be surprised how well it pairs with many desserts. Is your mouth watering….


Lemon , lemon, lemon. This fruit has undoubtedly become a food that is in every home. Known for its sour juice that adds flavor and intensity to many foods, from broths to meats. Some brave even take it alone, those who are lovers of the wild. Here we will tell you some unusual recipes or combinations with lemon, will you dare?